Home Reading

Students are asked to read for 15 minutes each night.  They can record this reading in their Home Reading Folder. Please send it back to school daily in their Home Reading Bag so I can monitor your child's progress.  We will also be using an online reading program called Raz Kids. Please use this resource with your child only once or twice a week and monitor their reading as new levels open up if your child has read all the books in the previous level. More information will be coming home soon on how to access this program. At this time, your child should be reading basic pattern sentences. They will rely on the pictures and their memory to help them read. Encourage them to sound out unknown words independently if possible. 

As well as reading, students are encouraged to work on independently writing and matching the upper and lower case letters and learning the 35 letter sounds. 


Sight Words

There will be three pages of sight words sent home throughout the year.  The first set will go out in September, the second set in November and the final set will go home in March.  As well, each Monday, your child will write about 5 sight words in their Agenda.  Most of these words will be found on the three pages, but some will not so be sure to work on all of the words.  Your child should be able to read these words quickly and independently.  Once they can read them, they can practice spelling them and then write sentences using the words. 


In  math we are learning how to write the numbers to 25, read the number words to ten or twenty if possible, sort objects according to different attributes and make patterns. Please help your child with these skills and ensure he/she is not reversing numbers.